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The PCOS Success System!

New PCOS Breakthrough!  Free Report Reveals.....

"Discover How An Australian Naturopath Overcame

The Hormonal NIGHTMARE Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,

And Here's How You Can Too!"


Revolutionary Natural Program

Puts The Balance Back In Your Body!


...Discover The 7 STEP SOLUTION This Dedicated Naturopath 

Has Developed From Years Of Research & Personal Experience,

That Enables You To:


ü      Balance Hormones 


ü      Lose Unwanted Fat


ü      Improve Fertility


ü      Beat Skin & Hair Problems 


ü      Boost Energy & Mood 


ü      And Feel Like A REAL Woman Again!





 Thursday Feb 24th, 2011. 3:37pm

From the desk of Julie Merrick, ND BHlthSc.

~ Naturopath, Author, & PCOS Surviver ~


Dear PCOS Sufferer,

By visiting this page you have probably heard how I have successfully overcome the struggle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. In this free report you will learn about the 7 Step Solution I have formulated and  followed, that has enabled me to achieve amazing health and freedom from the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

As you know, PCOS can cause many undesirable and de-feminizing symptoms, such as acne, weight gain, irregular or absent periods, infertility, abdominal cramps, excess facial or body hair, hair loss from the scalp, mood swings and irritability, sugar cravings, and low energy levels. It can make you feel like a failure as a woman, and looking in the mirror each day can be very depressing. There were many times I avoided going out because my face looked like a pizza, or my stomach made me look like I was 6 months pregnant. Having PCOS can also cause concern for the future, knowing that PCOS puts you at an increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes.

Are You Sick And Tired Of…




·        Spending ages each morning applying make-up to ‘try’ and hide your acne and scars?
·      Wearing dark, loose clothing to hide your weight?
·        Waxing, shaving or plucking, only to have the hair grow back almost right away?
·        Taking medications with awful side effects?
·        Not knowing when or if your period will arrive?
·        Seeing other women have babies while you struggle to conceive?
·        Feeling depressed or anxious almost all the time?
·        Always feeling hungry and in need of a carbohydrate or sugar fix?
·        People treating you differently because you don’t look like a normal woman?
·        Health professionals telling you to just “Lose weight” or “Come back when you want to have children”.


I know how you feel.



After trying many different medications, herbs, and diets, nothing seemed to give me any lasting relief, and some even made me feel worse. I was sick and tired of  PCOS ruling my life and sick of trying one treatment after another, so I decided to do something about it. I decided that I was going to find the answers myself and get to the CAUSES of this awful syndrome. And that I did.


I discovered what truly causes PCOS, and contrary to popular belief it is NOT insulin resistance. Yes, insulin resistance plays a role, but it is more of a symptom than a cause. Best of all, I discoverd 7 key steps that when followed, can target the underlying causes of PCOS and allow you to achieve true success.



How would you like to become free of awful PCOS symptoms naturally,

without taking any medication?



Sounds good doesn't it! And let me tell you it is very achieveable. There are specific strategies contained within each key step that get right at the heart of the problem, unlike other treatments that only mask the symptoms and give you side effects. And would you believe that only 5% of 708 women surveyed are happy with the results they have achieved from their PCOS treatments? Frankly, I was shocked when I read these results. If there are other treatments out there that target the supposed cause of PCOS, then why are 95% of women not getting anywhere?


I am happy to say that I am in the 5% of women who have achieved great results. But that is not enough for me. How can I settle back into my life without the hassle of PCOS and not help other women who are in the situation I was in? I couldn't. And that is why for the last few years I have been on a journey to research and compile this information into a practical guide to help YOU achieve success, just as I have.


Here's what another satisfied PCOS survivor has to say:




Less than a week after seeing Julie and starting treatment, that black cloud that sat around my head for so long just disappeared.  I finally started feeling like the ‘real me’ for the first time in years. Recent tests show no more cysts on my ovaries (which I didn’t even think was possible!), my blood pressure is lower, I’ve lost weight, and my energy is higher. I can’t thank Julie enough for all her help, she has literally turned my life around! G.E. NSW,Australia.







So how can you achieve results like that?




The first key step is all about..




It's all well and good to be told "Eat a healthy, low GI diet", but there is more to the story than this. Yes, a low GI diet is vital, but there are other dietary principles that must be followed if you really want to get somewhere. For example did you know that there are certain components in common foods that can actually make your symptoms worse? Some of these you are probably eating every day, unaware that they are contributing to the problem. Your diet is the first place to start if you want to beat PCOS, but unfortunately there is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and withheld information about the best way to eat.... until now that is.



The second key step exposes the truth about..




You know it's important right?, but are you one of those women who have been exercising as much as you can and still not getting anywhere? It's frustrating and disappointing to say the least. You see, exercise will not get you very far if the other key steps are not implemented. The 7 Step Solution is an integrated and holistic program that leaves no stone unturned. There are certain types of exercise that are better than others, and you need to know what to do, how to do it, and how long for. "Get plenty of exercise" is no longer a satisfactory piece of advice. My 7 Step Solution gives you practical advice you can start right away without any expensive equipment.



The third key step gives you specific advice on the topic of..




So what exactly makes a healthy lifestyle? Is your lifestyle affecting your PCOS symptoms? Quite possibly. Can PCOS be triggered by a lack of sleep? I have looked into all of this and found that people who have greater health have several lifestyle factors in common - quality sufficient sleep, a good social support network, and a positive attitude about their health. Also, with all the complementary therapies that are out there, which ones are truly beneficial for someone with PCOS? Don't go on the merry-go-round of trying different natural therapies, I have done the work for you and found the therapies that work.




You might be thinking... "I eat well, I exercise, I have a healthy lifestyle. This information is nothing new",





But there are four more steps that are vital and often overlooked.

It wasn't until I looked into them and implemented

some key strategies that I really started to get results.




Imagine... not having to 'hide' your body anymore, not having to answer the question "So when are you going to have children?", and not having to run late all the time because it takes so long to shave, wax, and cover your pimples every day. By following the strategies in the 7 Step Solution you can look forward to a new sense of wellbeing, and a healthy and attractive body that works the way a woman's body should. 




Julie gave me valuable advice and feedback as to how my body was reacting to PCOS. I’m so happy to have found a website that empowers women to take control of PCOS.  Jennifer, VA, USA.






Power over PCOS helped me when I was first diagnosed. It got me through a tough time. I thank you for educating women on a condition that not many know exists. Tamara, TX, USA.





The fourth vital step is..




And I don't mean one of those quick at-home detox kits, or a strict and lengthy fast. I mean real, scientific principles that naturopaths are trained in, to reduce the amount of toxic substances coming into your body, and to speed up elimination of the ones that do get in, and believe me, they do get in! We are living in a toxic world and our bodies are suffering because of it. Over 75,000 different chemicals have been introduced into our world in the last fifty years. You can learn the 3 stages of a successful and safe detox program, and exactly what you need to do. The exact same program I have used myself that freed me from terrible acne and hormonal imbalances.



One thing that many of you are probably wondering is the truth about..





Do you really need them?, what should you take when you have PCOS?, will they interfere with my medication? These are questions I hear every day. Most of what you see on the health food store shelf you don't need. There are specific types of supplements you can take that will eliminate the need for many others. There are a few natural supplements that have been shown to work just as well as common PCOS medications, but your doctor probably doesn't know about them. I take a specific regime every day that has played a huge role in my success, and my 7 Step Solution tells you exactly what to get, and how to take them.



And don't overlook one of the most important steps that is often the missing link..




Don't underestimate the power of your mind. Now before you think "Oh come on! PCOS is a physical condition, how can my mind have any control over my symptoms?", let me tell you that new research shows that your thoughts and perceptions actully control your genes! That's right, your DNA, the blueprint of your life, is not something that controls your body, YOU control IT! by your perception of your environment. The good news is, you can learn to change your perceptions and thoughts to ones that support health. When I discovered and utilised the mind power principles, my life and health started to change, and I couldn't believe how simple it was!


Lastly, the thing that joins all these steps together is:




There's no point learning how to manage PCOS if you don't stick to it and hold yourself accountable in making changes in your life. Accountability is what keeps you moving forward, step by step. You may feel like you're all alone in this, but you're not. Many women, me included, know what you've been through and what you're going through now. Getting support and having someone to hold you accountable for your actions can be the difference between getting okay results and getting amazing results! That is why I created this website to provide the accountability and support you need to get the amazing results that I myself have achieved.



So Tell Me...

Are YOU Ready To Discover The Key Strategies

And Secrets Behind These Steps To Success?






The POWER over PCOS 'Success System'



 The tried and true program that I have followed, that I am now sharing with the world.
This system teaches you the truth about.....
~ What PCOS is
~ How you came to develop it
~ What risks you might face
~ What tests you should have
~ How the best healer available to you is being ignored by the health system
~ What impact the environment has on your symptoms
~ What foods you should not be eating
~ What foods you should be eating
~ Exactly what supplements you need to take
~ What sort of exercise to do
~ Which natural therapies are worth exploring
~ How to detoxify your body safely in 49 days
~ What you can take that is as effective as metformin but without the side effects
~ How a simple 15 minute daily ritual can change your life!
And that's just a taste of what you'll discover! I have formulated this life changing information into two formats for you to choose from:
1. The 'POWER over PCOS' ebook (instant pdf download): Within minutes you can be reading all the information I've used to overcome PCOS, and learn about the 7 Step Solution in detail so you can get started right away! The ebook or paperback can be purchased here.
or perhaps you'd prefer a hard copy version:
2. The 'POWER over PCOS' paperback book with Double CD Set: I'll send you a signed copy of the book, complete with two CD's to help you take a proactive role in your health and guide you through your own Success plan. You'll get a one hour audio CD with me explaining all about PCOS and how the program works, just as though I'm right there with you guiding you along! Plus you'll get a data CD containing comprehensive health assessment questionnaires, just like I've used with my patients, along with various worksheets, charts, plans, and resources, such as a menu planner, food diary, mind power worksheets, and more! You can use these on your computer or print them out to create your own 'PCOS Success Diary'. You will also get a free copy of the POWER over PCOS ebook! Everything you need to take control over PCOS!
Many women just like you are now receiving the benefits of this information.
Click the PLAY button below to hear what Mindy has to say:
Mindy Kingsbury
Columbus Ohio USA

My NO RISK Guarantee:
I'm so confident you'll be thrilled with 'POWER over PCOS', that if in the unlikely event you're not completely satisfied, simply return the book & CD's within 60 days for a full refund!  I'm only interested in helping you achieve great results, anything less than that and I'd be embarrassed to keep your money.
...So by now you must be wondering, how much does this information cost? Well I have valued the POWER over PCOS ebook at $55 but today you can download it instantly for only $29.97! That's over 160 pages of vital information about beating PCOS for only $29.97. Not only that, but as a bonus I'm going to give you one month's free membership to my PCOS Success mentoring program and website, where you can get direct access to me, and weekly e-classes to guide you step by step to success. You can also access a special 'member's only' freebies page, to download a heap of great bonuses!
...If you are serious about your health and sick of being a victim to your hormones, and you want to finally take control over PCOS and your overall health, then the Paperback Book with Double CD Set is for you. This is an interactive program designed to maximise your retention of the information, and uses specific worksheets like the ones I use in my own clinic to help you get to where you want to be. You'll be able to fill out a comprehensive 6 page PCOS-specific questionnaire to assess your health, and use it again and again to track your progress and watch those symptoms decline! The audio CD is like a mini seminar, educating and motivating you with the tools you need to succeed, and the Data CD also contains helpful charts and planners which you can print out whenever you need them. The value of this complete program, including the one month membership access with professional support, and bonus downloadable ebook would be $243, but your investment today is only $97. (And, I'll also throw in FREE worldwide delivery!).  
And remember, you risk nothing with my NO RISK guarantee.
If that's not great value already, you'll also get
instant access to the following fantastic BONUSES!  

ü Top 20 Tips for Healthy Eating with PCOS ebook

ü The A-Z of PCOS ebook

ü Complete Hair Removal Guide ebook

ü Be Totally Free jumpstart kit to beat emotional eating

ü PCOS Awareness Poster

ü Foods high in nutrients chart

ü Menstrual symptom tracking chart

ü Fertility monitoring chart

ü Colour-Coded Menu Planner

ü The PCOS Wellness Pyramid poster

Yep, you get all of the above as a thank you for investing in the Power Over PCOS book or ebook!
 So you've got three choices:
1. Close your browser and do nothing. You can continue doing what you've been doing and getting the unsatisfying results you've been getting, and most likely find yourself in the same position this time next year.
2. You can think about it, you can spend more time searching google to look for information and pay more money to see various specialists in search of results.
3. Or you can take action NOW and start reducing your symptoms right away with my 7 Step Solution! You can get started on the program that has given me back my health, and get help and support to guide you every step of the way.
What will it be? It's your choice.

Important Update! I am no longer accepting new members to the mentoring program, so please disregard the membership information below while we work on updating the website and converting membership content into new products for download).
You will still be able to take part in the 7 Step Solution by following the program in the book, Power Over PCOS, which is available as ebook or paperback around the world. Links to purchase a copy are HERE.
Now, let's sum up what you'll be getting....
OPTION #1 - PCOS Basic >> Currently unavailable. To order the PCOS book, click here for info.

ü Power Over PCOS ebook

ü FREE 30 day membership trial, your choice of Gold, Silver, or Bronze

ü Access to all the FREE downloads and bonuses

Your Investment Today, only: $29.97! (You save up to $94!)

OPTION #2 - PCOS Deluxe >> Currently unavailable. To order the PCOS book, click here for info.

ü Power Over PCOS signed paperback book + ebook

ü Audio CD (1 hour) discussing the PCOS Success System

ü Data CD with health assessment questionnaires, charts, & plans

ü FREE 30 day membership trial, your choice of Gold or Silver

ü Access to all the FREE downloads and bonuses

Your Investment Today, only: $97! (You save $146!)


OPTION #3 - PCOS Ultimate >> Currently unavailable. To order the PCOS book, click here for info.

ü Power Over PCOS signed paperback book + ebook

ü Audio CD (1 hour) discussing the PCOS Success System

ü Data CD with health assessment questionnaires, charts, & plans

ü 6 Month GOLD Membership with Julie’s personal guidance

ü Access to all the FREE downloads and bonuses

Your Investment Today for your 6 month program, only: $379! (You save $63!)



 Here's a Comparison Chart between the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD membership levels:





Weekly E-Classes






Members Area website access






'Power Points’

PCOS Magazine






Professional Email Support*






Members Forum












Discounts & Offers






Regular Teleseminars





Access To Archives & Videos





Occasional FREE Gifts & Surprises!




(*email support for bronze members is limited to 2 questions per month. Gold and silver members have unlimited email support)


So why wait any longer, get your free* 30 day trial membership (*After the 30 days you will be automatically charged $19 (Bronze), $49 (Silver), or $69 (Gold) per month. Or, $327 every six months if you choose the Ultimate 6 Month GOLD option. If you don't wish to continue as a member, simply cancel your membership before the end of the trial period and no further charges will apply. Easy!).

Within minutes you can have access to this vital information that will allow you to achieve greater hormonal balance, energy, and wellbeing than you ever thought possible.

The time is now! 

Start the 7 Step Solution today by securing your copy of POWER OVER PCOS.


Warm Regards,

Julie Merrick, ND BHlthSc

P.S - The prices listed may not be available forever, the price may go up at any time.

P.P.S - You may still have some questions and that's understandable. Check out the FAQ's page in the right hand menu above, or contact us by email.  

P.P.P.S - After your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email and can log into the member's area to download your ebook & bonuses and subscribe to your e-classes.






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